Vinex Door Chin-Up Bar

Brand: Vinex
Product Code: 102238
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Price: Rs.849 Rs.779
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Vinex Door Chin-Up Bar
* High quality adjustable chin-up bars with anti-skid rubber shoes at both ends. 
* Easy to adjust. Comes in a display box packing.
* Door bar enables you to perform a variety of different chin-up and stretching exercise.
* Door bar also includes close grip handles so that you can isolate the muscles in the middle back.
* By using the additional hand adjustments door gym you can train back and biceps.
* The door bar goes beyond the average pull-up bar in other way.
* Thanks to pair of grip handles that are attached to the center of the bar these handles allow you to position your palms to face each for better all-day posture.
* The door bar also be a good pushup and sit up-bar, all you have to do is simply relocate the door bar to the bottom of the frame.
* The door bar will support your feet for sit-ups and can also be used to workout the chest muscles as pushup bar.
* The door bar is a great piece of workout equipment the most convenient, versatile piece of home exercise equipment.
* It is an ultimate body sculpting strength building tool that could get you into an enviable shape.

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