Gray Nicolls Maverick F1 Gn5 Batting Gloves Mens RH

Brand: Gray Nicolls
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Gray Nicolls Maverick F1 Gn5 Batting Gloves Mens RH
* Brand: Gray Nicolls 
* On the cricket field, balls are delivered with high speed. Thereby, it is important that the batsman protects his hands with gloves like these by Grey-Nicolls to ensure that he does not injure his hands.
* Full-grain Sheep Leather Palm
* This leather gives the palm a smooth surface and hence you can play comfortably even for long hours.
* Two-piece Thumb Design
* The pieces in the thumb give it more dexterity so that you can grip the handle of the bat firmly and move your thumb without trouble.
* Airflow Gusset Ventilation
* These gloves have gussets which allow passage of air around your hands which in turn allows your skin to breathe.
* Type: Batting Glove High performance innovative multi-section batting glove designed for maximum comfort Ergonomically designed glove with 20 separate sections Designed to work with the natural movement of the hand 3 Layer Composite Core Technology System Poly Armour System Inserts on key impact areas across the glove HDF Impact Foam+ High density closed cell foam with low rebound quality Impact Gel Side impact bar disperses impact forces Vapour Foam Thin layer of lightweight foam Leather Pro+ Full Grain Sheep Leather Palm Advanced XoSkin PU+ a lightweight breathable microfibre Air Flow Gusset Made from high quality material Long lasting product Durable, easy to use, store Delivers great performance Recommended for sports lovers

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