Nivia Radar Sports Bottle Colour Red

Brand: Nivia
Product Code: N515
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Price: Rs.280 Rs.252
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* Made of Non-toxic Safe Material
* Spill Proof
* Rubberized Non-slip Grip
* Leak Proof
* Bottle with Auto Cap
* Non-spill Valve Design
* Nivia Radar Sports Boattle
Water rejuvenates the body after a strenuous workout. So it is important that you carry sufficient water when you go to the gym. Carry your water in the Nivia Radar 600 ml water bottle.
* Non-spill Valve Design
The valve is designed in such a way that the water does not spill even if the bottle is tipped. It also renders the bottle leakproof.
* Rubberized Non-slip Grip
The shape and the material of the bottle are such that it can be held firmly without slipping from the hand while working out.
* Auto cap
Water squirts out when the bottle is squeezed and the valve closes automatically when not in use. This enhances your convenience as you do not have to waste time in opening and closing the bottle while you workout.

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