SRA 3000 Tracer Radar Gun

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SRA 3000 Tracer Radar Gun
* Speed Range : 10 to 199 in MPH or Km/H
* Point ant Shoot Technology
* Range : Typically 60' on Balls, 1000' on cars
* Trigger Or Continuous Modes
* Tripod Mount
* Quick Read Mode
* Average Speed Statistic.
* Selectable Audio Indicator
* Operates On Six (6) Standard AAA Alkaline Batteries
* Battery Life : 100 Hourse
* Auto Shutdown to prolong battery life
* Low Battery Indicator
* Includes soft case and speed tuning fork
* Weight : 400 grams (Approx)
* Speed acquisition in Miles & Kilometers
* LCD Display
* Accuracy- 3%
Model : SRA3000
* The Affordable Radar Gun With Professional Performace.
* The SRA3000 Radar Gun tracks the speed of just about anything that moves : balls, clubs, bats, runners, car and more.
* The SRA3000 Radar gun is designed for ease of use. For most application, just turn it on, point and pull the trigger for the advance user.
* The Tracer Has options only found in the top sports guns.
* A continous read mode and tripod mounting allow for hands-free operation. 
* Quick read mode allows for accurate measure of club or bat swing speeds.
* An average speed recall feature, selectableMPH or Km/H speed units, unsurpassed battery life, and more make the SRA3000 the Premier radar gun in its class.

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