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TABLE TENNIS is more than just a game! It unites people and countries; it offers endless hours of fun and entertainment, and not to forget the health benefits it brings. The game originated in England, during the 19th century, and was played among the affluent section of the society, as a parlour game, especially after a dinner.
Did You Know – Ping Pong (also the first video game) is just another name for Table Tennis?
Table Tennis is a challenging and a competitive Sport, and therefore it needs practice and the right gear to play. We are a premium seller of top-grade table tennis racquets online in India and table tennis bat. Some of the brands that we offer to you include GKI, Stag, and Vinex. These brands have been manufacturing top-grade bats and racquets for over 40 years. They have evolved into household names due to their sheer dedication and innovation. Using the latest technology and materials, they design table tennis bats that make correct strokes and help you to rapidly develop your game.
We keep usability, durability, and price in focus and so bring to you professional grade and standard table tennis racquets. That’s not all…. When you buy from our premium store, you avail great discounts and freebie, too, along with FREE Shipping!
Wondering what is the winning combination for playing a progressive game? Our experts will be glad to assist you. CALL NOW!


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